AllAbilitiesDanz is an original program designed by Tracy Hanna.

We are dedicated to bringing this program to anyone from 0-100 No exclusions EVER! 

With over 11 years experience in teaching Zumba, Tracy has found a way to create an original program that caters to a wider range of people.

The programs is currently running across the Central West. 

 These programs can be enjoyed by Aged Care Facilities, Disability Groups, School Groups, Preschools, and individually. Or online via Zoom !

Our classes use music, props and more to promote gross motor movements, coordination, strength and flexibility. It is also an amazing social activity that promotes great mental health.

AllAbilitiesDanz has been designed to be suitable for everyone with no exclusions ever!! We cater for Seniors (Seated, Daybed or Standing), Aged Care Facilities, Disability Groups, Small or Larger School Groups, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centres and Playgroups.


In our classes, there is the usage of props such as; ribbons, streamers, pom poms, bells, scarfs, instruments, bubbles, parachutes and so much more!! These props are used to promote gross and fine motor movements that aim to help with co-ordination skills, strength and flexibility - all crucial elements in our individual development. 

Throughout the class, we focus on creating a sense of wellbeing for each individual - as we believe it is our job to lift the spirits of our community and create a supportive environment for them and their mental health. 


We use techniques that are stimulating for our clients whether it be through the music or movements.


We encourage all participants to sing and clap along to the music and too really engage themselves with the


The program offers something for all and can be participated by anyone from zero to one hundred - with NO EXCLUSIONS EVER!

The dedicated AllAbilitiesDanz Team comes fully equipped to you, meaning you don't need a thing!