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Come and join in with our Sister business, Zumba with Tracy!

Did you know that we have a sister business? Zumba with Tracy!!! Zumba with Tracy has been foundational on creating AllAbilitiesDanz! Tracy has been running Zumba with Tracy for over 12 years now!! How incredible is that! We invite you to come and celebrate our 12th year of Zumba with Tracy by attending our Monday Night Classes at St. Mary Primary's Primary School, Dubbo on Wheelers Lane! We will be running our Zumba and Zumba toning classes from 6pm! These classes are also i

1 on 1 Classes

Our one on one classes are different for every individual we work on your own personal goals. These programs are for anyone at all. Seniors, special needs or even children. We come to you. Our instructors work closely with our clients and their health professional teams to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their sessions as they can. Each session is different and tailored to their specific needs for that particular week. Did you know that we can tailor one o

We Are 100% Inclusive!

Did you know AllAbilitiesDanz is 100% inclusive? We pride ourselves on the fact that ANYONE is able to successfully join and enjoy our classes, no exclusions. We have classes suited to all walks of life and can be easily changed or modified to suit each individual. We have such a diverse group of participants that we work with each week and strive to provide them with the best experience every time - the AllAbilitiesDanz experience! We have ladies, gentlemen, children, teena

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