Years teaching AllAbilitiesDanz:

4 years​​


My background is Dance (Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Tap). I grew up knowing that I always wanted to do something to do with dance, I actually wanted to be a professional choreographer for as long as I can remember and although I have no background in fitness, it is a large passion of mine.

Favourite thing about teaching AllAbilitiesDanz:

Seeing the joy on people’s faces while they are participating in a class, seeing people get in and have a go, being able to pass on our passion about Zumba to others and to show them that fitness isn’t boring and you can have a lot of fun whilst getting fit.

Favourite Song:​

The first song I ever taught by myself would have to be one of my favourites to teach. Purely because it was the first one I ever taught by myself, It’s Called  Menea la Pera by BIP. It’s a fast high passed, high intensity song which I love. In saying that, any ‘New’ song is always a favourite.

Proudest AllAbilitesDanz moment:

Every day I get to Dance with our clients is a proud moment for me, Being a part of a team that is so community focused and getting the best out of our clients brings me so much joy. It is something that we can all be so proud of.


Where can we find you during the week? 

I teach at various locations across Dubbo, Narromine, and Gilgandra. You can manly find me Teaching with the kid’s team at schools and preschools throughout the week. You can also find me sitting behind my computer, as my role as Tracy’s manager/admin assistant. I take care of Tracy’s websites, timetable, emails etc. When she goes away, I am in charge. I am basically Tracy’s right hand man.

Future Goals:

My future goals include continuing to inspire people and to finish my Teaching Degree. I would love to become a personal trainer one day to really help our clients and provide them with the most valuable information possible. I think my ultimate goal is to always do something that makes me inspired and happy.  It is also a goal of mine to help Tracy to take AAD to the next level and help her to grow AAD to be everything it can be.​