AAD New Ten Week Program

What is it?

My newest program will focus on bringing children with special needs or a disability together with mainstream children through the power of dance therapy. I have independently sort out funding to run this program for free and will offer this to four different schools over terms 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Proposed program format

Week 1: We will teach an introductory class, we will talk to the children and explain the program and its goals, just get the children comfortable with us and the program. We will also familiarize the children with the equipment

Week 2: Class will run as normal like the week before. We will be Seeking permission from the school to send a note home to gain permission from the children's parents/career to use footage taken during class for social media and AllAbilitiesDanz website, as proof of the programs success to the fundability scheme. If this is denied we would ask the school to write up a report about the program that can be sent to the fundability scheme.

Week 3: We will talk to the children about choosing a mainstream buddy to join them for the following weeks. We will also ask the children to give us a song of there choice, which we will then choreograph.

Week 4,5,6,7 & 8: By now the children are more confident and comfortable with the program and we will continue with classes.

Its hoped that the children come together and form new relationships through music and dance therapy, this will continue on with the children having the option to chose someone each week, with the intention of and end of term performance for parents, staff and peers.

Week 9: If the school and the students decide to go ahead with an AllAbilitiesDanz performance to show off their new skills, we will run a rehearsal during this weeks class so the children are comfortable, this will also include the main stream children who joined the program.

Week 10: We will show of our confidence by preforming our new skill for family, staff and peers.

(we have discovered through running this program, a lot of the special needs children never get an opportunity to be the stars of the show, and in turn the families are not often able to see their children in this light so this is an incredible experience for all)

We will measure the success of the program by;

You can tell by the smiles on the children’s faces, the looks of achievement, and how proud they are of themselves, its nothing short of incredible to see, but I will measure it by the level of participation in my program through out the term.

The Fundability program asks for evidence of the program and its success, so we will seek permission to take photos and/or videos of the children participating in the AllAbilitiesDanz program to send to the Fundability scheme. Additionally, we will be also seeking permission to add this footage and photos to our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) and my websites - so stay tuned for some very exciting things coming to the website soon!

#tenweekprogram #AAD

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