Instructor Lincoln

On the 19th of March, Tracy flew to Sydney with Lincoln - one of our favourite participants. Lincoln has been coming to our AAD and Zumba classes for five years now, four times a week. In this time, we have watched him grow and blossom into the enthusiastic, cheeky individual he is known fondly as by all our participants. Lincoln has lost an incredible 30 kilos through our classes and through the support we have offered him, he has shined and gained so much confidence to do things he has never done before - such as becoming a Zumba instructor himself.

Tracy and Lincoln travelled to Sydney where he completed the full eight hour qualification course (with the instructor/mentor who trained my entire team; Maria Teresa Stone) to become one of the very few instructors with Down Syndrome in the entire world!!

Tracy is currently working with Lincoln individually to prepare him for the possibility of travelling around Australia to appear as a guest instructor. Lincoln has become part of our family and may also join our team at a later date.

This is proof that we can do anything we set our minds to, he is an inspiration to many. Take a look at some the snaps we got from the weekend and his first class as an instructor!

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