Bring a Liberty Swing to Dubbo

Those who know Tracy, knows that she is a huge advocate for equality and inclusiveness for all people. She started researching a 'liberty swing' - a swing designed for those who are wheelchair bound. She dreamed of one of these being installed somewhere within the Dubbo community, planning to fund raise and apply for grants to raise the money needed.

Tracy approached council earlier this year to ask for permission to build the swing. Her initial request was denied but when she posted her story on Facebook, hundreds came out in support, encouraging her to go back to council, and council to reconsider the proposal. That meeting on Wednesday afternoon resulted in council agreeing to build a swing in the adventure playground to be situated at the Dubbo Botanical Gardens. The challenge is to raise $20,000 for the purchase of the swing to go into the new development. Council will provide $15,000 which will go towards the installation of the swing, as well as softfall material to surround the swing.

Tracy says people power helped her persuade Dubbo City Council to reverse a decision not to build a liberty swing in Dubbo and now the team needs further support to gain the funds needed to make this a reality. The Zumba team plus others on a 'fundraising committee' are working extremely hard to come up with ideas to raise money.

Keep your eye on this space for any information about the liberty swing and if you wish to donate to this fantastic cause, a GoFundMe account has been set up which you can access here: Every cent counts, no matter how big or small!

#libertyswing #2017

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