Contribution to the Community Award!

On the 26th of February 2019, myself and a group of other incredible individuals were recognised for what we do in the Community. I was recognised and awarded for my contribution to the Community for her work with disabilities and fundraising for installation of the Liberty Swing.

Troy Grant, Member for Dubbo awarded me with the award on the day.

"Thank you so much this award, it was unexpected but I’m very very grateful for it." - Tracy Hanna

During the course of the day, I was invited by Mayor Ben Shields and Troy Grant to visit the NEW park - which is now the home for the Liberty Swing. I was lucky enough to get a ride on the new swing and get a push from our local Mayor - it was everything I had dreamed it to be. It is a fully inclusive environment which is accessible for everyone; there is something for everyone.

It is the most amazing park I have ever seen, it has everything you can ever want in a park - The park features a water play area, grassy hills along with the flying fox which is incredible as it has a seat belt meaning everyone can use it!

The Council has spent 1.7 million dollars and four years on designing and producing the new park - a BIG congratulations to everyone, that has been involved in the process of making this happen! I truly believe that it is going to bring families and the community together. Hopefully, the new park will be a place for people to come to town to use and enjoy also!

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved is making the liberty swing a reality - your help and devotion has not and will not go unnoticed by myself or others around you - I would like to thank; Lyn Barnes, Bec Higgs, Erinn Harris, Trent Hazell, Amanda Shepherd, Melaine Ann, Dusti Kennedy and the entire community for your contribution in making this dream a reality!

It won't be long until the park is open and everyone who is in a wheelchair can also feel the wind in there hair on the swing that our community made happen.

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