All Inclusive Collaboration: Bracken House and Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre

Every fortnight on a Tuesday, AllAbiltiesDanz runs a session out of Bracken House - this class is an all inclusive integrated experience for all involved. The session that runs at Bracken House and involves Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre - which is one of the most heart warming experiences of my job.

It melts my heart, watching the children and the seniors interact with one another, it's amazing to see how natural it is.

The session includes music for all era's - (Elvis is still a hit everyone) It also provides fun and diversional movements that allow for a strong and active mind whilst using your body which promotes strength, stability and co-ordination. The activities involved are balancing objects on hands or beating drumstick in a rhythmic pattern - there is something for all to enjoy and even kittens on the odd occasion like this last class at Bracken House.

I am so proud of how far these guys have come as a group - to watch and see the development of friendships between the young and the old. They are doing exactly what my goal was.

It is just simply amazing and something I am thankful for everyday.

A BIG thank you to Bracken House and Regand Park Early Childhood Education Centre for allowing this to happen - it is an unreal experience and I cannot believe that this is what I get to do everyday!

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