Monday Night AAD Class


I am writing this to personally invite you to our weekly Monday Night AllAbilitesDanz class. This class is held at St Marys Primary School on Wheelers Lane, Dubbo at 545pm – 630pm.

We already have 10-15 clients come each week from different centre around Dubbo but we would love it if we could get a few smiling faces to come each week and make the party bigger!

This class is FUN, its energetic and we have the best time dancing and singing to all our favourite tunes.

Please, come along, bring your friends, sing at the top of your lungs, jump and dance around like you never have before.

We love to be able to provide this class each week to give this community another opportunity to see each other and catch up each week.

Class Prices:

10 class pass: $100

20 class pass $200

Single class: $12

We are looking forward to seeing you at our class on Monday Nights!

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