Stars of Dubbo 2020

I’m proud to announce that once again AllAbilitiesDanz is Supporting the Stars of Dubbo 2020

This year I’m super excited to announce my star. Jordan Primmer or as we call him Jordy.

I absolutely can’t wait to start working on our performance for this year‘s gala event not only Are we hoping to raise a lot of money for the cancer council but we are also hoping to have an absolute blast in the process and with Jordan as a star that’s pretty much guaranteed 

Personally I decided to do this event for the fifth year for two reasons. Reason one I have one of the closest people in the world to me suffering with cancer at the moment and this is the only thing that I can do to help. To my beastie this is for you 😘 Reason two I want to highlight how amazing people with a disability are and that they can do everything anyone else can ! Jordan is going to prove that. 

Below is Jordan story so you can get to know him. We await to ask you to please help us support the cancer council Who do an absolute phenomenal job on the stars a double event with donations or fundraising ideas 🙂  Denise Dent

Dancing with the stars , Dance for Cancer Hi My name is Jordan primmer , I’m a fun loving happy go lucky person with a wicked sense of humour, love life and everyone in it , I talk to everyone lol 😄😆,I don’t let my disability stop me . I have cerebral palsy , epilepsy , a shunt in my head which relieves fluid ,I'm hearing impaired, my speech is delayed , I wear hearing aides , I wear bilateral orthotics on my legs which help me walk. I am developmentally delayed , but nothing stops me from having the best time at whatever I do . I love bowling , karaoke , flip out , going out to dinner, riding my bike , playing pool swimming , being with my friends and carers at Westhaven , I love being with my family and my dog Lacey and visiting my brother Josh in Terrigal . Come and support me on 1/5/2020 , 6.30 pm , have fun and enjoy Dancing with the Stars in Dubbo at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and convention centre.

Bring on May 1st 2020!!

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