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You're Invited!!!

The last few weeks we have had the pleasure been running a 2 FREE sessions in Narromine every WEDNESDAY!! What are the classes? AllAbilitiesDanz Seniors Seated Class @ 12.45pm (Anyone can attend) best suited to over 50s up to 103! AllAbilitiesDanz Dance class. AllAbilities welcome! Special Needs welcome @1.45pm $FREE Both classes will be held at Narromine Sports Center and are 100% FREE!!!! These classes will be running up until the 29th of June 2022! Tell your friends, Tel

Senior Classes

Senior Classes are available and are ran out of the facilities that they residents reside in. Our classes are inclusive of al residents - seated, daybed or standing - there is something for all! Our classes have had great reviews and many response favouring the change in behaviour and mobility of their residents. #seniorsfitness #seniorclasses #agedcareclasses #daybedseatedstanding #allages #allabilities

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