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Something for everyone - ALL abilities & ages.

AllAbilitiesDanz caters for all abilities - take a look at our classes below and get in contact with us to arrange a one off class or to schedule a full term with us.

Our classes use music, props and more to promote fine and gross motor skills, coordination skills, strength & flexibility. We have also seen a massive improvement in our clients social and mental function.

The props we use within our sessions focus on many different aspects of your own personal developments.

Props that are used: Pom Poms, Ribbons, Streamers, Bells, Scarves, Instruments, Bubbles, Parachutes, Drumsticks and so, so much more!

We like to throughout the class to focus on creating a sense of wellbeing for each individual - as we believe it is our job to lift the spirit of our community and create a supportive environment for them.Our techniques of achieving this is through stimulation through the music, movements and encouraging our participants to get involved whether it be through sing or clapping - just joining in on the ALLABILITIESDANZ experience is a movement in the right direction.

We have a programs that offer something to everyone and can be participated by anyone, from 0 - 100 with NO Exclusions ever!

The AllAbilitiesDanz team comes fully equipped to you - meaning you only have to worry about having FUN!!


Best Suited to Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Elderly (confined to sitting or lying down)

Our 1 on 1 Diversional Therapy Sessions can go for 15 to 30 minutes and are specially tailored for each individual client and caters for their specific needs.

We like to work closely with our clients to achieve certain goals and milestones as we aim to improve their wellbeing by stimulating their minds and encouraging them to be more active. During these sessions we focus on improving strength and flexibility along with many other attributes.



Results in Physical & Mental Health

Our Disability Session focus on what our participants can do and all choreography is created with this in mind. We encourage all to get involved and do their best through out the session - no matter what level they are at.

We engage our clients by creating a safe and welcoming environment for them along with he usage of our props and music.

We have seen incredible results from our Disability sessions.



For the standing, seating or daybed

This session is another of our diversional sessions that allow the older generation the freedom of movement at their own pace. They are able to participate from a standing, seated or daybed position. We attend your facility to complete these group sessions.

We focus on promoting movements of the arms and legs to retain muscle strength and flexibility. We encourage our participants to get involved and be social with the active outing. The usage of music that is known and loved by the residence is preferred for these sessions along with requesting a song of their choice.



Teaching the importance of fitness

Our Kids Program is about teaching our children that fitness is a natural part of our lives and that fitness is fun! These sessions use key childhood development elements such as leadership, respect, teamwork, self-esteem, confidence, creativity, memory, balance and coordination skills.

A large range of props are used to engage the children throughout the session which is accompanied with popular songs that age appropriate for them. With each session we try to focus on the the usage of fine and gross motor skills and other rewards to child for good behaviour.



Virtually to you

Introducing Zoom sessions, your health and safety is our first and foremost priority but that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the FUN!

These sessions will be ran the same but with just a few minor adjustments but all the same energy!



Mixture of Fun

Belly Infused Fitness is a fun mixture of dance fitness, belly dancing and core/gluts workouts. This is a low impact program which is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

This session utilises our coin belts which are bright, funky and entertaining! The music played is a mixture of 80's, 90's and current music so there is something for everyone.

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