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Testimonials: Testimonials

"She has been an incredible gift since coming into our lives. My son cannot walk, talk, sit or control himself in anyway but the moment you mention 'Tracy" he gets the biggest grin on his face."

Lyn Barnes


"Tracy has opened up a whole world for Ethan - music, movement and expression - an opportunity for him to be apart of society."

Maggie - Ethan's Mum


"As carers, we have noticed our dementia patients unlocking before our eyes. We are amazed at the reaction these people are having to the program & Tracy."

Holy Spirit - Dubbo


"You have given dignity & respect to our residents and encourage them to do the best they can. We have seen so much improvement in our seated residents with improvement to their mobility."

St. Mary's Villa - Dubbo


"We have been very lucky to have been apart of AllAbilitiesDanz intensive play based dance program. It has benefited the children so much with improvements in their cognitive, gross & fine motor abilities."

Tanya Andrews - DWPS

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