Lyn Barnes 


My name is Lyn Barnes and my youngest child, Daniel Barnes, severely disabled both physically and mentally. He is 25 years of age but equivalent to a 5 month old baby.


Dano attends a day program at local Northott center and for the past two years Tracy Hanna or (as the kids call her) “Zumba Tracy” has been doing AllAbilitiesDance with the kids twice a week.


She has been such an incredible gift since coming into our lives. My son cannot walk, talk, sit, or control in any way but you mention “Tracy” and his face lights up and the hugest grin appears.


To watch Tracy interact with these kids and the kids equally interact back is a sight worth seeing, a room full of twisted bodies squeal and jerk with delight “they are in the zone” and Tracy is right there with every single one of them.


She has brought music, laughter, she has brought life into what was otherwise a quiet existence.

Tanya Andrew, Dubbo West Public School


Tracy From AllAbilitiesDanz has been working with with our Mums and Bubs group for 5 terms now, in this time we have been blown away by the new found confidence our children aged 0-5 have.


We have been very lucky to  participate in an intensive play based dance program that has enhanced their congnitive , gross motor and fine motor skills and allowed them the freedom of self expression through dance.


Our families gain a large dose of encouragement from Tracy, she is fantastic with children and ensures everyone is having fun and participating even if that means having one childs hand and another on her hip.


Thank you Tracy we look forward to the year ahead.



I have known Tracy Hanna for approximately 12 Months, since she started working with my son Ethan a 9 yr old boy with Autism his cognitive age is 4yrs. 


Tracy opened up a world of music and movement to Ethan, a world of expression, an opportunity to be included in society.


The positive impact Tracy reflects on my son is clearly seen in his face when he attends a class, or speaks of her praises for him.


Ethans attitude towards school as well as his social skills have significantly improved since meeting Tracy.


AllAbilitiesDanz is now part of Ethans weekly Therapy routine, and both Ethan and myself value her loyalty, spirit and devotion to Disabilities.

St Mary's Villa, Dubbo 


“You give dignity and respect which makes the residents feel encouraged to do the best they can do” 


“Love how you walk around and interact with all of them.” 


"Seated clients are more mobile than ever before" 



Holy Sprirt, Dubbo 



“Love your energy and enthusiasm. It really brings out the best in them” 


“Love the clapping songs” 


“As carers, we have noticed our dementia patients unlocking before our eyes. We are amazed at the reaction these people are having to the AllAbilitiesDanz program and Tracy”


“Tracy engages with every client in a number of ways. We have never seen some of our patients be so engaged in an activity and keep asking for more”


"We have noticed a decrease in behaviours and sun downing with dementia residents"